Guide to choosing a customer support software – kapdesk


A good customer support software is one that offers flexibility, and the reason is because not two businesses operate in the same manner.

Identify the problems that are being faced in your customer support process. This will help you choose a customer support software based on your specific needs. Your goals could include customer base organization, performance analysis, etc.

Identify the requirements of your current support process and list down where you could implement automation features such as auto-response for customers, a smart ticketing system, escalation matrix for customer service, etc. If your support process does not have a telephony department, then voice support may not be for you. On the other hand, if your business is spread across various social platforms, then Multi-channel customer support is something you may want to integrate. Visit different application marketplaces and spend some time on the reviews section. You may find a lot of helpful content that will help you narrow down you search.

Here are other key factors to keep in mind while selecting the right software for your business.


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