How to speed up customer responses? – kapdesk


An automated response can be set up in various scenarios. If your company provides satisfactory services and your customers like giving positive feedback, typing out a thank you mailer to all of them will be monotonous and time-consuming. Rather, set up an automated-response for customers. You can also set up automated response software for when it is a query, complaint or support related. Let them know you’ll get back to them shortly. It will reassure them that their query won’t go unanswered.

Not everybody likes to or is patient enough to wait for a customer support executive to respond to their query. Some customers will proactively visit your website or other online forums in order to find a solution to their issue. Which makes it essential for you to provide enough resources online for those customers who don’t mind self-service. This can be in the form of FAQ’s or a forum that host discussion of different topics.


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