Live chat etiquettes in customer service – kapdesk


Let’s take a look at some basic live chat etiquettes in customer service. It is important to maintain certain etiquettes while engaging with Customers on live chat.

This is probably the reason why most customer support processes are labeled as inefficient. The long waiting time that customers have to put up with reduces their willingness to further deal with the business. The reason why customers’ approach live chat is because they find it to be the fastest mode of reaching the support department. So it defeats the purpose of setting up a live chat portal if there will be a time when nobody is there to monitor it. One way to deal with this is to setup an auto-response for customers, letting them know that someone will attend to their query shortly. It’s the least you could do.

Consider the fact that the words you type out on live chat is what is creating your impression on the customer. Hence, using short forms and abbreviations to save time will not help. You must have a good command over your language and must convey the right message. Do not make spelling mistakes in your chat. Small things like these will make or break your relationship with your customer, especially on live chat.

Remember at all times that a live chat for customer service is a business engagement tool and must be kept professional at all times. It is totally different from texting with your friends. Maintain professionalism and be on the look out for grammatical errors. Follow these simple steps and you’ll have a live chat process that is top notch.


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