What your customers expect from your customer support? – kapdesk


Competition is fierce in the modern business world. All firms, whether large scale or small startups, are constantly striving to provide exceptional products or services in order to gain a good reputation and market share. This has left the ordinary customer spoilt for choice. With so many options to choose from; all of them providing one or more unique selling points, (USP’s) it makes deciding which one to finally settle for a difficult choice. This has only led to a rise in the expectations of customers, forcing startup firms to catch up fast or stay behind and loose its potential customer base.
So what exactly is a successful customer support strategy, and what do your customers expect from your customer support? Lets take a look.

No two customers are the same. Some may prefer calling the helpline number and waiting for a customer service executive to discuss their query over the phone, whereas the more impatient customers may want to visit your FAQ’s page and help themselves. You need to ensure that you provide you customers as many options for support as possible. This can include phone, email responses for customer queries, live chat, FAQ’s and forums for discussions.


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