The power you should give your customer support agents – kapdesk


A good leader is one who values his employees and treats them with respect. Various studies show that employees who are mistreated, kept in dark about business activities, or under valued tend to not perform at their best, affecting the business as a whole. In order to improve your customer service process, you need to get more out of your employees. This does not mean making them work till they drop. This means making them perform at their best with the help of the right amount of motivation, inspiration and guidance.

Although there are some employees who are comfortable with being told to do what needs to be done, there are those employees who like to take on more responsibility and like doing things beyond their daily list of chores. However, you can’t assign sales tasks to customer support agents. Lets take a look at all the power you can and should give your employees.

A group of minds working on one problem is more productive than one mind alone. If any one of your employee’s is having a difficult time dealing with a query, let them take the help of their peers so that a quick and more meaningful solution can be provided. For example if there is an upset customer who has already sent 3 mails regarding his issue, you can have multiple employees check the email thread through team inbox collaboration, bring together a united workforce. This can possibly make that customer feel more special about the dedication your employees have towards solving one query.


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