Customer mails turning into a mess? Get smart with automation – kapdesk

116Now that we have entered the digital age, almost all forms of technology that we interact with has some form of automation incorporated into it. An advanced customer service software offer multi-channel integration, which means you can have several inboxes like Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, etc. integrated into one window for maximum convenience. It lets you view entire email threads, categorize emails according to priority and auto-assign complex queries to experts, letting your support team focus on maximizing its efficiency. So how is the beneficial for the hundreds or thousands of email threads that you have to keep a track of? Well there are several factors.

  Customer profiling and information management: With the help of the ticketing system, support agents don’t have to spend time manually jotting down customer details and the system records the customer information, and stores it in the database. When a new customer gets connected with your support line, they are asked to fill out certain details about themselves, which are automatically stored. This is beneficial even for existing customers, as each customer ticket as a detailed history of all interactions that customer has had with your business, helping you maintain transparency in your email support services.


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