Customer service with Both Customers & Automation – kapdesk


Truth is, there is no better
While there are some forms of customer service that can and should be automated, such as making payments, enquiringly account balance, etc. There are some types of queries that require human intervention. Plus, even with simple queries there are some customers (senior citizens for example) that just prefer getting customer support from a human, whereas the younger, more tech-savvy generation have no problem dealing with simple customer service tasks themselves. So the conclusion here is that there actually is better  automated customer service.

Many companies today implement customer support software to improve efficiency and functionality of their internal processes. These advanced software’s come with a lot of automation features that take away the load of carrying out standard tasks.

Humans are preferred by most: A recent research study showed that over 75% customers favored human customer support over an IVR (Interactive Voice Response). This is because we as humans have questions, it may be one question or it may be a series of questions, and automation fails to keep up with the various doubts that a human mind may produce, reducing the efficiency of the customer support process.

Humans are the best for taking care of complaints, individual direct messages and face-to-face customer service. Automation cannot probe customers or build rapport, reducing the level of personalization that can be possible, and provide a pleasant customer experience.


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