Customer service with humans vs. automation – kapdesk


It hasn’t been too long since smart technologies have been introduced into our daily lives, and we can already see signs of automation and robotics taking over. From factories to customer service, there are machines that are becoming better and more efficient, which makes business-owners contemplate whether humans or machines are a more feasible choice.

However, another important question to consider is what will the clients prefer? That is because while some customers’ don’t mind dealing with automated customer service, there are customers’ who like the traditional way of going about it i.e. dealing with humans. So what is the problem of choice really about? Lets find out.

Automation is necessary in today’s world: The customer support process of any company can have situations where an agent may not be available, which is when the automated-response for customers is a beneficial feature.

Menial tasks, like the ones mentioned previously, are best left to the IVR as those tasks will be time-consuming and monotonous for customer support agents. Automation keeps track of things like timed-tasks, wishes on special occasions, book appointments online, handle in-store queues, etc.

Many companies today implement customer support software’s to improve efficiency and functionality of their internal processes. These advanced software’s come with a lot of automation features that take away the load of carrying out standard tasks.

There are pros and cons to everything, and it all boils down to what will be beneficial for your business in the long run, so research before you make a final decision. The fact of the matter however, is that human intervention cannot be excluded at any cost. Making humans work together with automated services to improve efficiency and productivity is the end goal that all modern businesses should aim for.


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