Live chat support is a must for customer support – kapdesk


As a business, you need to communicate with lots of different people on the regular, whether it is customers, clients, vendors, or other employees. Considering the various channels that are present in today’s world, when it comes to customer support, businesses need to be present and provide full support across all platforms, which include phone, email, self-service and live chat.
Not many would be aware of this but live chat is a popular support tool amongst customers. Recent studies have shown that around 40% of online purchases are related to online purchases. So what makes Live chat so important in customer service? Well, it is the only form of customer support after phone, which provides a real time customer support, being the only real-time customer support on the Internet, which is the largest platform for buying and selling goods today.
So why exactly is live chat support is a must for customer support.

Reduced service costs and response time
The initial set-up and implementation of live chat is quick, easy and cost efficient. Live chat is cost-effective for the business as well as the customer. Where a customer will have to pay money to make a call to the phone support department, they can connect with live chat agents immediately. While alternative support portals like voice support and email support tackle one customer at a time, live chat customer support agents can handle more customers in real-time, which helps reduce response times and leads to an increased customer satisfaction rate.


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