To some degree, all new technologies and methodologies disrupt the current way of operations. As CRM integration requires adoption throughout the organization vertical, it also has a relatively higher degree of deviation when compared to other technologies. For the same reason, sometimes it’s also vulnerable to a high risk of failure.

According to qualitative research, almost 70% of the CRM implementation fails without adding appreciable value to the organization. Without the right implementation strategy, the CRM can become an encumbrance than an asset. This could be a result of escalation of total costs, lack of alignment between different departments and high licensing costs. In short, you can’t be shortsighted during the time of CRM implementation as it may cost you both time and money.

In this article, we will be discussing the seven seldom discussed causes for CRM integration failures. I will also tell you the positive ways to mitigate those risks and provide healthy alternatives.

The usage of cut-and-dried CRM solutions could lead to under-organized business processes. Usually these solutions can’t address or optimize internal organizational operations or manage operational resources. Having a customized solution also lets you scrutinize processes to increase its proficiency.

As this can’t address internal organizational operations or manage development resources, this could become a quickly scrutinized path towards under optimized process. When unable to derive clearly discernable results, the CRM could be on its way to be considered unhelpful.

This could be mitigated through understanding organizational requirements throughout the vertical and taking steps to implement them.


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