As per the basic rule of advertising, each prospect has to be reached seven times before actual conversion. Unless, you can run a cost-intensive Television or paper ads, this recurring intersection of customer remains largely difficult.

An easy way to resolve this challenge is to reach prospects through multiple connected touch points. For this, you need to focus on collecting individual prospect’s telephone, E-mail or any other contact details. This data could be used to run systematic long term customer contact campaign.

A CRM platform helps you build an actual database of customer requirements. This helps you craft a message that has maximum returns.

You can easily understand and leverage market fluctuations and changing customer interests.

Most businesses tend to comply and be satisfied with traffic or incoming lead count reports obtained through free tools such as Google analytics. For the rest, one takes free form assumptions, such as more traffic means more leads, more visitors on a particular page means higher user interest etc.

This fails to incorporate leads acquired through direct advertising or physical contact. Without a systematic way of understanding user intent, your lead acquisition will get limited to tracking leads to their sources.


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