The Do’s and Don’ts for customer support crisis management – kapdesk


Be honest and transparent
Not being honest can generate negativity towards your business. Be as open and transparent as possible. It will help stop rumors and neutralize a potential media frenzy before it becomes unmanageable.

Project transparency through all communication channels: news interviews, social media, internal announcements, etc. Social media customer service is an essential tool in maintaining clarity and reputation.

Hide in the dark
The last thing that you probably want to do as a business is going off the radar. Not only will this have a really bad impact on your company’s reputation, but you will have also an irate customer, which can possibly lead to an exponential loss in business through negative reviews or sharing negative experiences through word-of-mouth.

Whenever a crisis arises, the first thing you want to do is get to the core of the problem. An angry customer can be dealt with after the actual problem has been solved. Implement an advanced customer support software to help keep track of any such situations, without falling behind on crucial information.


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