How does an organization benefit from social media support integration? – kapdesk


Anticipates your customer’s needs
For the longest time, the customer’s social media activity wasn’t track able. With social media support, that has changed. When you add a social media channel to your existing customer support system, then you have the capability to combine everything that you already know about your respective customer, prospect, and lead with information that’s new, information related to their social media activity. Also, when your client chooses to contact you via any of the social channels like Twitter or Facebook, you can easily track and manage the conversation with in-depth detail, as it was possible for telephone or email inquiry. This will allow you to respond and act in a better way and will also help you anticipate your customer’s needs in advance.

From customer service to marketing to sales, everyone benefits from the implementation of a social media customer service software that is making use of social tools to get more overview, as well as insight into customer conversations. It helps establish a win-win situation for everyone involved. Your customers see you in a better light, they picture you as an organization that goes out of its way to listen to its clients and their demands, while you end up having a reputation and brand image that’s enviable.


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