Why is multichannel customer service important? – kapdesk


Have you ever been confronted with a situation where you were given multiple options and had to pick one? We all have faced such situations, and it’s safe to say that we would’ve all liked to be able to pick more than one if it was possible.

When it comes to customer support, you as a business have to provide these multiple options, all while not limit your customers’ choices. From an internal perspective, it may seem like there are too many channels to keep track of, but with the proper use of advanced technologies, you can simplify the customer support process.

This article aims to give you an understanding of multi channel  customer service and its importance.

It’s pointless to set up all possible customer service channels and not have a smooth exchange of information amongst the different channels.

An example of this would be, if a customer first reached out to you through email support, and was told that someone would get back to them within 48 hours. However, if a support agent does get back to the customer via phone without knowing what was discussed on the email, then the customer will have to repeat his query all over again.

This can lead to a significant amount of dissatisfaction. Aligning channels with the service operations ensures that compliance requirements are met. To overcome this communication gap, you must implement a customer support software into your operation fold.


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