Increase Your Customer Retention – Kapdesk


There is no denying that a lot of companies are extensively focusing on multi-channel support and this, more often than not, can lead to under utilization of other prevalent channels, such as email.

A lot of businesses are under the false notion that email is a dying medium of communication. The notion is wrong and harboring such ideas can lead to a slew of lost opportunities. There are still many uses of email, and if used intelligently, it can have a substantial impact on your customer support and service.

As an organization, you are looking forward to making your customers feel valued, and keeping in touch with them on a constant basis is one of the prerequisites to achieving that. You can really build upon your customer relations if you use your email channel in these particular ways.

The idea of having a customer service system in place is to help your customers solve issues by helping them navigate through any query regarding your product. Each and every query or problem also presents you with an opportunity to build a relationship with the client and establish a personal connect.

In order to initiate this relationship, you can start by gathering customer information through the data that is already available on your website. Send greetings and celebratory emails to your customers on special occasions, such as birthdays and anniversaries, and use these opportunities to provide them with a discount on their next purchase.


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