Customer Service Mistakes – Kapdesk


Usually, the problems could be simply stated. But the actual solutions could turn-out to be complicated and technical. And, this requires you to integrate multiple communication channels to the concerned channels.
Customer:  I’m suffering from a technical glitch in software.
CS executive: Yes. Can you explain the problem?
Customer:  Your software is using too much resource in my system. I can hardly run my actual software for business.
CS executive: Yes Sir. Our technical team has developed a solution for the problem. For this, the actual software needs to reinstall along with activating an additional bug that our developers have developed. You can access the bug at this website –
Customer: Can you email me the same solution?
CS executive: No. Sir. We are not authorized to have any other mode of communication. That would need you to send an email to our service portion of your business.
Customer: Can you just type it down and send it. I’m don’t think I’m required you to go through the same conversation.
CS executive: No. We are sorry. I’m not required to do that.
Customer(grudgingly): ok, then. I’ll send an Email.
Even as you lack a direct resolution to a problem, they could lack an efficient way to avail that to customers. Meanwhile, those particular customers would be never coming back to your businesses.

Today, every business needs to accept that consumer time is a highly valuable commodity. This means no-more lengthy call transfers and handovers for every customer issue.
For this, you need to have a simplified and straight-forward way of managing call transfers and distribution of responsibilities.
Consider the following scenario.
Customer explains the problem. CS executive doesn’t have much of a clue.
Customer: I need support from the technical team.
CS executive: Yes, We will transfer you to our team lead.
Customer explains the problem. CS Manager doesn’t have much to come back with
Customer: Can you solve my problem
CS team lead: Sir, I’ll be transferring to my manager
Customer: No, sir. Just talk to any technical person
CS team lead: This is the protocol for transferring call. Please be patient.
Customer: OK
Customer explains the problem. Manager doesn’t have a resolution
Customer: Can you understand my problem.
CS Manager: Yes, sir. I’ll arrange an appropriate technical person to call you back. Thank you.
Customer shouts into the microphone and hangs-up.
All these could have been averted through streamlined ticket management system.

When you focusing on optimizing time expenditure, you can automatically optimize other aspects of your business too…. This requires you to manage phone calls through a single interface.
This also leads to increased level of frustration and irritability with customers. It’s also associated increase in customer complaints and outbursts.


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