Customer Service on Twitter – kapdesk


Listen to what your customers have to say

Most business are already familiar with tools that can be used to monitor social media. These tools automate the process of searching the mentions of your brand name, or combing social media pages for certain set of specific keywords. Listening at the same time is of importance from the perspective of customer service.

Determine how much media presence your brand’s social media pages are generating and depending on that collect and analyze the customer activity. This will help you understand the kind of issues being raised over different social media platforms. If you are a small business, then you might have to collect a months’ worth of activity before reaching any consensus. At the same time larger businesses can accomplish the above over a shorter time period.

The size of your business and the vertical of your industry will be contributing factors to your social media metrics. Some organizations will encounter a lot of noise via social media, and their challenge will be to cut through the incoming noise and find conversations worth participating. At the same time other businesses will find that the majority of their interactions are requests that concern customer service.

The volume of social interactions your business and brand is generating, and the size of your current staff and your ability to track the social conversations and inquiries will be made easier by a competent customer service platform or a ticketing system. Especially a ticketing system that is good with social media ticketing will turn incoming posts, tweets, and direct or private messages into tickets.


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