Social Media In Customer Service – Kapdesk


In a matter of few years, social media has managed to alter the fate of the Internet in many different ways. Nearly every facet of society has felt the impact of social media through a wide range of opportunities, as well as scope for risks and threats.

Businesses use social media as a medium for providing excellent customer service. However, relying on social media for customer service has both pros as well as cons.

Ensure that your brand is providing a customer service that is personal and is delivered on time. Have a team of customer service representatives who are there to sort out customer issues and keep a track of your social media interactions.

New businesses can leverage social media the right way to create the desired impact on their customers. Once you have your social media strategy in position, you can then use the incoming feedback to grow your company and start moving it towards the right direction.

It is very important that you respond to queries in the shortest time possible. Also, schedule quality checks from time to time to ensure that the quality of customer support is consistent for all the individual customers.


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