To Repeat Business Do influences customer service – Kapdesk


This is, by default, something that every customer support team should strive to implement for each and every call. It can be achieved by setting up automated responses for customers, or implementing a customer service software, which will bring together your different customer support channels into one place.

Yes, it’s not always possible to provide speedy responses, and especially ones that are also appropriate to the situation and satisfactory. However, customers appreciate businesses that display their efforts in providing speedy resolutions.

So, when you are not able to give an immediate solution, the least you can do is keep the customer updated about the current status of their query. By doing so, you are showing that they are valued and that your customer service team is working round-the-clock to resolve their problems. This brings us to our next point.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you become an uninvited guest to their birthday or anniversary party. However, show them that you care by sending out handwritten notes or post cards greeting them for that special occasion.

Instead of manually typing one out, a CRM’s auto-response feature for customers can take care of that for you. It may sound hard to keep track of, say, the birthdays of each of your existing customers. Well, you don’t have to. Implement an advanced customer support software and let it take care of remembering these occasions for you.

Besides keeping track of special dates, you can also set up automated emails to be sent out periodically. However, don’t make the greetings too generic. Try to add a personal touch to it, since it will make a huge difference to your customer.


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