Ingredients of A Great Customer Service – Kapdesk


In today’s business environment, customer service isn’t something that supplements or supports your actual product or service. For most parts, it actually defines the backbone of one’s actual business conduct and customer approach.

Modern customers also take customer service as an important factor in determining individual business proficiency.

This makes customer service into one of the forefronts of modern business competition for acquiring new customers. And that doesn’t cover it all….

According to, only 15% of customers say that good customer service will not change their opinion about a particular business. This makes it one of the industry’s highest ROI generators for every concerned industry.

In-accordance, businesses are constantly trying to figure out ways of providing a successful customer experience. In-order to achieve this, businesses need to understand the factors that encapsulate a successful customer experience.

In successful companies, successful customer services aren’t delivered by independent or isolated teams. They are delivered as a result of combined or collaborative team effort that covers multiple teams and individuals. This requires pulling-in resources or retrieving information from multiple parts of the organization.

According leading Business journal, almost 84% of employees serve on multiple teams on most workdays.

In this situation, the service team acts as the front for receiving independent service queries. Afterwards, these queries get transferred internally to corresponding teams. For this, you need to build a greater streamlining of tasks to each individual teams. This creates greater interdependency and co-ordination between individual teams. Further, this facilitates an efficient transfer of knowledge.


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