Customer Support’s Performance – Kapdesk


Not knowing how your customer team is performing can lead to your customer support system collapsing. Your customer support system depends on the ticketing system that you implement and the performance of your customer executives. So, it is extremely important to measure the performance of your executives’ by establishing standards using the right metrics.

Service rating for individual customers
This is one of the most useful metrics on the list. This metric requires you to examine the rating given to your executives by your customers. This rating will give you the clearest indication as to how your customers view the performance of your customer care executives.

Initial response speed
When it comes to providing excellent customer service, the initial response time plays a very important role. The majority of your customers are going to be agitated, if they can’t speak to a customer care executive right away. The quicker your customer care agent can get to addressing the customer service queries, the likelier your chance of having happy customers. Customers who don’t have to wait to get their issues resolved will always come back to you for business.

The reply rate of the conversation
Once your agent has provided the initial response, how much time do they take to reply to a to follow up query from your client? Swift responses during a conversation is crucial to ensure that your client isn’t frustrated by a conversation that’s stretched over a long period.

Average resolution time
It is important for you to measure the duration of time taken by your customer support executive to permanently resolve a query or issue. This is a way of measuring your employees’ productivity. The sooner they resolve the issues plaguing your clients, the better their quality of work will be.

Number of requests handled
The number of tickets or requests that your agents been able to address will have a direct impact on their productivity. Ensure that they are able to handle a certain amount of requests every day, and if they are not able to, then understand what’s the problem.

Successful resolution rate
The amount of queries that your customer care representatives are able to resolve is as important as the number of customer issues they are handling. It might be worth it to have an agent who handles a lower volume of requests, but in return has a good resolution rate.

Complaints against your customer service agent
If your clients are complaining about your customer care executives, then you should take this metric into consideration and take the required action to get things back on track.

The number of requests being escalated to a supervisor is a metric that must be taken into consideration. The ticketing system in place will always have an issue escalation system using which you can raise tickets. If the number of requests being escalated is more, then it is quite likely that your customers are facing certain issues when it comes to communication.

If you want your business to excel in the customer service department, then you have to have metrics that’ll allow you to measure the performance of individual executives.

In order ensure that you’ve the most accurate metrics by your side, to support and enhance your customer support system, bring in Kapdesk. It’s a help desk ticketing system that will give your business true clarity and context.


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