How to manage your support team and make it stellar! – kapdesk


Managing customer service is no slouch. It is a massive challenge that is dynamic in nature, as new challenges arise daily, due to the introduction of new channels, addition of team members, and the associated business goals.
The idea of great customer service is to facilitate easy conversation between the organization and its customers. It is just not dependent on the ticketing software but on how well your employees are equipped and motivated to handle the customers

So, whatever customer service system you have employed for yourself, it needs to make customer service a bit more manageable than its current state.
The below mentioned resources will surely help you get the most out of our customer service.

Start with recruiting the best advocates
Once you start with building your customer service team, there are certain questions that you need to answer for yourself. These questions could be, what kind of people you would like to have in your customer service team, and what are the peculiar abilities that you are looking forward for, knowing what are the right questions that you need to ask will help you move in the right direction.

Be a competent manager
The key to amazing customer service and happy customers is a content and efficient customer support team. It is understood that each support team is different, but the tactics that you need to follow in order to achieve your goal revolves around the same principle.
These principles include, motivating your customer service team with rewards and principle, keeping your customer support team calm when you are faced with situations where you are understaffed and overworked, keeping things fresh for your executives by rotating them evenly and by being transparent through an open and clear communication.
Practicing these will allow you to achieve a level of productivity and move things in the direction of utmost coherence.

Keep your employees engaged
It is important that you focus on employees’ satisfaction as much you focus on the satisfaction of your customers. It should be noted that your executives’ level of satisfaction id directly co-related to their ability of delivering great service to your customers. An effective ticketing software ultimately relies on the executive’s competency.

Use multichannel customer service
The modern customer expects to receive help on the channel they are most comfortable with, implying that you are expected to be on those channels. You need to keep your customers engaged on multiple channels and provide uniform customer service experience across all channels. Most importantly, when you plan on adding new channels, take into account how it will affect the ticketing volume, if you need to staff new employees to deal with the incoming onslaught of social media ticketing, and will it affect customer satisfaction in any negative way.

Embrace the new emerging channels
Adding to the above point, it is important that as a business, you embrace channels that are new and emerging. It is never good for business to miss out on new channels, as you would want to be where your customers are. Being where they are, allows you to initiate organic conversations. These opportunities allow you to deal with their complaints, and get valuable feedback about your service/product. For instance, chat is emerging as one of the more popular channels among customers. So, in theory you should try to capitalize on it, and ensure you get maximum traction through it by creating chat based tickets and resolving them instantly.

The value of providing a customer service that’s enviable is immense and can be the difference between winning and losing. Utilize the above mentioned points to make your customer service stellar, and keep looking out for ways to differentiate your offering from your customers.


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