To Create A Connect Use Live Chat Support – Kapdesk


The consumer expectation from customer service and support has reached new levels. They expect you to provide support not only via the medium of phone, but also email and other channels. This has become the rule, rather than the exception for most companies. To differentiate your business, and to improve the overall customer experience, it’s important that you give your customers access to a support that’s available on-demand. But the question that remains is, how will you ensure if your customers’ need is getting addressed in the most competent fashion.

This is exactly where live chat support enters the picture. While on the surface this channel might seem like a complicated channel for installing and managing, the reality is quite different. The implementation of live chat software is quite easy, and it allows you to create a connect with your customers on a very personal level.

Let’s check some of the ways using which you can create a connect with your customers and benefit them.

Enable multitasking for your customers
The fact of the matter is, no customer of yours is willing to spend their free time interacting with your customer care executive or waiting on hold.  With the advent of live chat support, your customers have the flexibility of carrying out their day-to-day activities while awaiting a response that ensures that the problem has been resolved.

Chat logs ensure transparency
When your customers are engaged in a conversation with your company’s customer support executive they don’t have the access to the recording of the verbal conversation that transpired. Most of the live chat software presents the customer with an option of acquiring a transcription of the conversation for record keeping. This empowers your customers with a point of reference in case any issues arise later on. This allows your customer to have greater confidence in you as an organization.
The transcriptions are also available for chat agents, so that they can help the repeat customers. This ensure that your clients’ time is not wasted by going through the same support query, and an instant resolution is provided by the executive on the other side, based on the previous conversation.

A customer service that’s always online
Your customers are looking forward to you being available outside of work hours, implying a round the clock availability. Live chat software empowers your business with the opportunity to provide a customer care support that’s always online. This ensures that you cut down on response times as well as requests that have been backlogged. Thus, truly allowing you to boost your customers’ satisfaction. Many companies are providing live chat with an option of a mobile application, ensuring that availability is never an issue.

Cut down on unnecessary costs
A Call based support hotline is heavy on your company’s bank account. Especially when you consider the extensive periods of time for which customers are put on hold, this only escalates the overall cost. Live chat, is on the other side of the spectrum in this regard. This allows your customer to be attended instantaneously, thus your customer harbors no ill will for your business and the problems are dealt with in a calm and respectful manner.

Live chat support enables your customer to visit your business again and a positive brand image is imposed in the mind of your clients. A live chat support not only gives you an opportunity to help your customers but it also allows you to engage with them in meaningful conversations. By initiating a meaningful conversation, you ensure customers are having a healthy experience with your customers and the relationship continues to be so for years to come.


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