To Manage Your Support Team – Kapdesk


Making fruitful customer support decisions requires having substantial and relevant data about your customers and their experiences with your products. Not only does it help you improve your existing offerings and strengthen your hold over the competition, but also make more insightful and quicker decisions for your service operations.
Regardless of whether you’re a startup or a multi-national company, customer service data is omnipresent and ripe for the taking, if you’re there to collect it. Some ideas to remember when collecting and analyzing this type of data include:

1. Improves internal staff
Obtaining more data on your employees’ individual performances can help you figure out where your customer support operations are lagging, and where they are flourishing. Performance metrics can be based on both quality as well as quantity. Along with that, knowing when your customers are most receptive can help service agents tailor their approach when trying to resolve customer issues.

2. Keeps your loyal customers loyal
When you’re building your brand image in a competitive marketplace, it is important to remember that you must not only cater to the needs of your new customers, but also your existing ones. Ensure that your loyal customers are met with quick responses to their queries, grievances, and even suggestions for improvement. They’ve stuck by your side, and making them feel special can go a long way for a great customer service.

3. Identifies bottlenecks in your operations
Recognizing snags in your service activities before they escalate can help you squash them before they cause any considerable damage to your business. For example, issues or activities that are taking an unusually long amount of time to resolve can be prioritized for quality checks, in order to ensure that no issue is holding back the functioning of the customer support system.

4. Provides ideas for improvement
Customer service only works when the customers feel that their opinions are being taken seriously by the top management. One of the responsibilities of the customer support team is to relay the relevant information to the strategizing unit so that they can continuously keep on improving their products and services.

5. Delivers a better brand for the customers
Customer service should always be proactive, not reactive. What this implies for a business is that they should strive to resolve their customers’ issues before they even happen. Even if they do occur, being cordial in your communications goes a long way in assuring the customers that their concerns have been received and are being worked on by the best individuals at hand. When customers feel this way, they are more likely to stick to your brand, and spread the good word amongst their family, friends and other acquaintances.

It is extremely important for each and every business, irrespective of which industry they are positioned in, to understand the importance of customer service data. After utilizing proper organization and analytics on this data, businesses can equip themselves with the necessary tools to achieve the holy grail of customer support – or at least come close to it – 100% customer satisfaction.


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