Use multichannel support to provide exceptional experience for your ecommerce platform – kapdesk


A common pitfall that many online retailers are making is that they are putting their entire budget and efforts into building a great platform for commerce, but have no plan or are not prepared with a strategy to drive customer interactions on multiple channels. It is not uncommon for retailers to put all there focus and energies on one source of traffic like SEO. While focusing on the traffic source is great, as it brings business and commerce to your platform, failing to address the customer concerns surrounding the products/services being sold on your platform can land a fatal blow to your business. The only way to provide high quality customer service to your customers is by offering support for channels on which your customers are present. Ecommerce businesses should take advantage of multi channel customer support system for a multi-channel ecommerce that’s effective.

Streamline your multichannel efforts
Your customers are present on multiple channels, but that’s not all. You’ll find the same pool of users on multiple channels, bombarding you with queries about ‘n’ number of different problems. Your customers are at the same time expecting a uniform quality experience from you on every channel. The only way that you are going to deliver this is by embracing multichannel customer support. Multichannel customer support allows you to make your customer support more manageable. It acts as a funnel, and allows you to receive conversations from multiple different channels under one inbox. This eliminates fragmentation, and allows you to have a powerful ticketing system in place.

Listen to conversations on social media
Tune-in and start listening to what your customers are talking about. Well this isn’t as complex as it sounds. All this implies is that you’ll have to engage in organic conversations with your customers, and help them with their buying or explain about any particular service that they are confused about. This can also be a great opportunity to direct them to your self-service option (more on that in the upcoming point) for more common queries. This will not only help you create a positive image around your brand, but will help you turn your customers into loyal customers.
A social media ticketing system that enables you to solve the problem right from the channel where your customer mentioned it.

Track engagement
Not all of your customer channels will receive the same level of customer engagement, which is a given. It is important for you to track and understand which channels are being used for interaction and feedback by your customers, and then point your executives towards those channels. This will eliminate resource wastage and will help your team be more productive overall. Understanding which of your channels are more traffic heavy, such that are generating more tickets, like email tickets, social media tickets, chat tickets, voice tickets, and so on. will help you give out problem resolutions at a much faster pace.

Create self-serve option
Most of your customers are going to visit your self-serve page before they get in touch with your customer support agents. This is not only beneficial to your customers, but it also allows your agents to deal with problems which will require their full attention. Improving your self-serve options will ensure that your customer support system isn’t over-burdened with trivial and menial problems, which could have been solved by a simple instruction on your FAQ page. Also, ensure that discoverability of your self-serve option isn’t a problem.

Try offering instant response
All the above points will help you achieve the objective of responding instantly to the queries of your customers. Your customers are expecting instant reply, and being late is not an option. They are more inclined to do business with you in the future if you get back to them within a minute or two. Just don’t keep them waiting.

Customer service for ecommerce is essential to maintain a healthy relationship between your ecommerce business and your clients. This relationship endows you with the ability to continue your business for an extended period of time and greatly improves your rate of success. The ecommerce market is a crowded market place and new competitors are entering the game daily. In such a scenario, a substantially better ecommerce customer service can be the difference between winning and losing the game.


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