It’s time you streamlined your multiple customer support channels – kapdesk


While a transition takes place, customer support executives should be able to pick up the conversation without any hiccups. Also, it isn’t unusual for your customers to expect everything to be well documented so that a conversation isn’t repeated every time they get in touch you’re your executives for a query.

* Consistency is very crucial
All information that’s being provided to the customer, irrespective of the channel, should be consistent in order to avoid any confusion. This is where the true prowess of multi-channel comes into play.

Multi-channel support enables you to consolidate all your channels of support, and stick to a common workflow process. This ensures that the knowledge base is accessible to all teams and that timely information is being provided in advance for every interaction. This results in customers perceiving each interaction with the company as a single conversation, and inconsistency between different channels won’t disrupt your brand image.

* Reliability & Scalability are important
A channel becomes unreliable if unplanned downtime starts to occur on a regular basis. Another requirement for a good multi-channel support is scalability – as the customer base grows, each channel and the knowledge base should scale up to meet the customers’ demands without creating any extra hassles.

The whole idea being, the flow of information should be consistent, and the transition of knowledge from one channel to another should be seamless.

* Have a standard escalation process
An escalation process in place will greatly improve the customers’ experience. It’s recommended to include a standard escalation process, which is company-wide, and ensure that the critical problems don’t go unnoticed. This also ensures that your customers are given the quickest possible resolution for their problems.

It is known that consistency and continuity, along with the ability to choose different channels for customer support, are the most desired attributes by the customers. The only way to continually improve your existing support is by introducing proactive support, personalization, and multi-channel integration, which for all intent and purposes will help you streamline your existing services.


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