Let’s focus on making customer service more personal – kapdesk


Customer service is a concept that’s often talked about as an afterthought, and very few people realize its true importance in building substantial customer relationships. A customer service with a hint of personalization can make all the difference between a service that customers would like to use, and one that people don’t really care about.

Understanding the benefit of personalization
Personalization is all about going beyond the monotonous and repetitive process that makes your whole system seem mechanical – a process that lacks human touch.

Your customers really care about receiving good service, but they also look forward to a service that is allowing them to establish a candid connect with the company. In a nutshell, customer service – a good one, that is – is all about establishing that connect with your customers, which allows them to understand what it is that you’re trying to achieve and how they are a crucial aspect of this process.

How do you make your customer service more personal?
The important thing to keep in mind when engaging with your customer is that you should make them feel like they are indulging in business with a human, and not a bot or a systematized process. Just by asking your customer executives to keep this in the back of their mind will lead to them adding personal touches to their interactions with the customers.

Start using names when talking to your customers
Names are important to people and taking names lights up a customer’s mood. When you use your customer’s name when talking to them, you make them feel more important, which in turn makes the whole process more personal.

Make yourself visible during interactions
Email is a popular way of connecting with your client base, but how do you make sense of it? Ask your customer executives to put their pictures on their mail IDs. You might ask, what purpose will that serve?
Well, for starters, it will make all the difference in the world. Putting an agent’s picture will not only help you increase conversion rates, but also humanize the whole service process. Your customers will not feel like they are talking to a bot, and instead, they are really interacting with a real person on the other side who is open to their suggestions and comments.

Also, displaying photos of your team on your website’s support page can help propagate the message of a customer support team that has a personal touch in its operations.

Know about your customer’s history
Anytime your customers call you regarding an issue that’s been going on for some time, make sure that they are up-to-date with the issue. But, that’s not where this ends. If your customers have been with you for a long time, then do mention it on the call.

Let them know how grateful you are to them for sticking with you, and how much it means to the organization as a whole. Make it a point to display this information in a sidebar so that your customer care executives are able to remind your customers of this little piece of information. Little gestures like these go a long way.

It’s important that you don’t walk away from this article by thinking of personal service as some jazz that’s being sold to you. It is indeed important, and it will make all the difference between a customer service that is memorable and one that is forgettable. Delivering a personalized customer service is in no way easy, but the pay-off is worth the effort.


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