Not Sure What Features To Look For In Your Helpdesk Software? – Kapdesk


For any fast-growing business, it is important that they have the right solution in place for all of their customer service issues. Businesses that have just begun on the growth trajectory generally don’t have the time or the money to experiment with different solutions. They need a single, efficient solution that can be implemented into their operations without any hassle.

With the advent of a cloud-based ticketing system, it’s quite simple to set up and get your helpdesk up and running. A competent ticketing system delivers all the functionality that you need to offer a coherent support and provide your customers with amazing experiences. Here are some must-have features that you should absolutely get in your help desk software.

Support on a Wide Range of Channels:

Your customers are all over the place, and due to this, they will try reaching out to you through a wide variety of different channels. It is essential that you are able to meet them and their expectations from every one of these channels.

For you to accomplish this, you will need a helpdesk solution that has an apt ticketing system in place. This will allow you to bring web, email, phone, and social media support all onto one unified console. Thus, no customer will ever go under the radar and you can manage cases coming in from multiple channels.

Customer Support on the Mobile:

In order to improve the overall customer experience that you are offering to your clientele, it is important to integrate your support process with the product that you are selling. If you’re building an online-based product, it is important that you include the links to your support content on your relevant web pages. The same goes for your mobile app – access to your support should be omnipresent in order for your customers to reach you instantly.

Access to a Huge Knowledge Base:

Any helpdesk will need to have a solution in place that allows you to consolidate all of the support content under one powerful knowledge base. A knowledge base that’s constantly updated will ensure that your support system remains streamlined, and your agent are only dealing with queries that are essential and require their immediate attention. This also enables your service team to update the customers with relevant solutions and keep them happy.

The Option of Self-Service:

There is usually a large pool of customers who want to find their own solutions to their problems. These customers are not into picking up the phone and calling the customer support or getting in touch with you through the medium of email.

Self-service is quite a cost-effective way of providing an always-online support system to your customers. So, the next time you are in the market to evaluate a helpdesk solution, ensure that it has an in-built knowledge base capacity.

Monitoring Your Performance:

The data being provided from your support solution can be used to determine your overall performance and customer health. This means that if your customers are happy or require more attention. your data can drive improvements in almost every aspect of your business.

A monitoring system is essential to understand how your agents are performing, and the data procured will enable you to optimize your support team. It will also help you understand the most requested features, thus giving you all the insights you need to make your service and product better than it already is.


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