Only Hire The Best Customer Service Staff For Your Helpdesk Software – Kapdesk

helpdesk-softwareA good helpdesk’s functions are only augmented by support personnel who are capable of understanding and working with the ins and outs of your help desk software. To this end, it is important to recognize and get the right people to join your team.

Not only would they work with your external customers, but also your internal ones. This is because the modern digital age is gradually blurring the lines between most business departments, which means that each of them must be in the loop with what the other is doing if they want to serve these customers better.

Now that you understand the idea, let’s move on to the execution.

1. Only hire staff who have the absolutely required skills
You may come across people who either already have the skills that you need, or have the aptitude to be trained to achieve them. A good customer service agent must be able to work well under pressure, be familiar or willing to work with a software technology, have exceptional problem-solving skills, and have an amiable attitude towards other people.

Having an efficient help desk software is only half the battle won; if you don’t have agents who can deal with your customers’ problems and deliver a satisfactory solution to them, then all your efforts will go to waste.

2. Have a face-to-face interaction to understand their strengths
Well, we’ve dwelled on the “Who” – it’s time to move on to the “How”.
Call the prospective employee for a one-on-one conversation and gauge their reaction when a situation is turned up a notch. Give them random situations that represent a problem, and get their take on how to go about solving it in the most efficient way possible.

More than their solution, it’s important to determine what kind of questions they ask and what kind of information they obtain and utilize to arrive at a conclusive answer. If they prefer speedy and hasty solutions over steady and relevant ones, they’re not the right fit for the job.

Asking them about their past experiences, especially ones where they recall incidents when they felt particularly annoyed at dealing with an individual can help you understand what they interpret a frustrating experience to be, and if they’ll be able to manage high-stakes interactions with a helpdesk software.

From a broader perspective, only ask questions that tell you more about that person’s choice of journey to the solution, more than the actual solution. When a person can effectively and logically reach the solution, that’s the one you want on your helpdesk team.

   3. Get help from people who are familiar with the support process
Not everyone is equipped to deal with an angry or inquisitive customer, and also be tech-savvy to do it while working with a helpdesk software.

When you have experienced customer support agents gauge the skills of an aspiring support agent, you’re sure to hire people who are genuinely interested in helping customers and coming out with a satisfactory solution to their issues.

When the agents are motivated and determined, the customers leave happy and content, and value is delivered to both the customer as well as the business.


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