Don’t make your customers wait too long for a reply – kapdesk


The single biggest mistake that a business can make is let their customers feel that they are not cared for, and that they are expendable.

The timeless truth is that the longer you wait to send a reply to a customer, the higher are the chances that your incredible and well-thought reply will be irrelevant to them.
This adds another level of complexity to your usual customer support process – not only must you deliver accurate solutions to your customers’ queries, but also do it in a swift and timely manner.

So how do you maintain such a high quality of customer service? Here are some tips that you can consider.

Automated workflows can improve response times
The old and traditional ways of going about solving a query incorporated a lot of wastage of time through sorting, assigning and searching for the relevant data.
With a robust helpdesk software and dedicated (or specialized) agents, you can now streamline your workflow and minimize the time it takes to solve a query and deliver the solution.

This is how.

When you have agents who are experts in a particular domain of your products or services, they are better equipped to resolve problems. Couple that with a helpdesk, and you have a formidable force at your disposal. A helpdesk can search incoming queries for keywords that pertain to a specific domain, and automatically assign them to the respective customer service agent. No human intervention required.

The agents can then get to working on the query, saving time on the non-value adding activities and delivering speedy solutions.

SLAs are the way to go!
A Service-Level Agreement (SLA) is a set of guidelines for your service agents and a promise to your customers that they WILL receive a response to their query within the defined times. This not only ensures that your customers are kept in the loop with a first-contact reply, but also motivates your agents to work more efficiently.

Though obviously, each channel demands a different SLA – email queries may have a larger leeway than, say, their Facebook or live chat counterparts when it comes to response times. Customizing your SLAs for each of these platforms and informing your customers about them can help keep realistic expectations from your customers.

Providing on-the-go support
With (almost) everyone owning a smartphone in today’s age, it’s imperative that you start delivering (almost-)instant support to your incoming customers.
A good helpdesk usually comes with cloud integration and a mobile app, which can allow your customer service agents to attend to new tickets while they’re stuck in traffic or have just left office for a long break.

At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that we’ve moved in to the information age, and customers demand answers as soon as they start to face an issue. The longer you wait, the more impact it may have on your business; it may even snowball into a big and complex problem. Therefore, equip yourself with the right tools and always stay prepared to tackle any and all incoming customer queries.


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