Particular Customers Are Worth Keeping – Kapdesk


Despite the best of your efforts, at times you’ll come across a customer that will prove to be very difficult to handle. You can exhaust all of your resources and yet be unable to deliver satisfactory results to their individual needs. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of when it’s time to let a customer go.

Some customers just can’t be pleased
Sometimes a support problem comes along that is just not possible to solve. Questions like “Can this product accomplish this task?” or “I need more discount on the service you are providing” are ones that don’t always have reasonable answers.

Such customers only get more difficult to deal with over time, and they are not sustainable. Even after spending hours or days on such a customer is a waste of time and resources. More importantly, the demands of these customers start to increase beyond what’s actually possible, and it starts to impact your customer support team.

It is important, therefore, that you recognize when a customer becomes a burden to carry for your business.

Dealing with a customer who’s disrespectful
This should be one of the more important rules when dealing with irate customers – zero tolerance towards abusive customers.

Your employees in no way deserve to be treated in this manner. It’s already hard to get competent, dedicated and hardworking people to work for you, and the situation only aggravates when you add dealing with rude customers to that mix.

Your employees deserve respect and the treatment that they get should be in compliance to that. Don’t let your employees go through an ordeal which is not their creation and for which nothing can be done.

The customer goes onto make a threat
Any threat that is legal in nature should be taken seriously. Legal threats taken with utmost seriousness and discussions should be held with a lawyer.

This also holds true for any incident related to social media issues. This is a time consuming process and any situation related to this incident should be carefully calculated!

Well, what’s the solution?
Your customer support software will have FAQs and live chat embedded in the software and can be used to mitigate the wrath of customers who are not happy.

Support tools that you have in place should be proactive and it should be used in a way that ensures and prevent tempers from flaring. With Kapdesk, you can ensure that you are able to prevent small complaints from getting out of control.

Plus, a competent ticketing system in place will also ensure that customer requests are not forgotten and any major source of customer dissatisfaction can be eliminated.


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