The Secret Sauce To Instant Resolution Of Tickets – Kapdesk


For some businesses, a particular type of ticketing software is the only tool that need to close tickets in the swiftest manner possible. But, the fact of the matter is that although the ticketing software is important but it is the people who close the tickets with the help of the system in place. Let’s go through some of the important steps that you should take to close your tickets as soon as possible.

Make a habit of closing tickets early
A different approach of dealing with tickets is to create a habit of closing the tickets as early as possible. How can this be done? Well, for starters, you should train your customers to handle a support ticket in such a manner that includes prioritizing the ticket on hand, and not letting it sit on the back-burner. The bar to resolve the tickets and doing everything that’s required of the executive should be set high from the start. Also, as new systems are introduced your agents should be retrained to inculcate new techniques and strategies which will allow them to optimize the system’s strengths.

Streamline the process
Support should not be a perpetual cycle of going through unnecessary red-tapes. Having to go through several steps of unwanted processes lengthens the amount of time needed to resolve the issue. Some companies shorten the support process by making higher tiers more specialized. This way, certain issues can be funneled directly to specific customer service specialists for faster resolution, as opposed to first going through a generalist before finally being passed on to a specialist. This can dramatically shave time off of how quickly a ticket is marked as resolved.

Automate to resolve
All businesses come across a handful of questions that keep coming up frequently. Using an apt ticketing system enables you to receive automated help based on some of the most common queries and questions. This also allows you to drastically cut down on the time taken to close a certain support ticket.

Keep looking out for ways to improve
Once the right customer support system is in place, it’s important that you don’t get complacency. Be on the lookout for the opportunities to implement strategies that help you increase your speed and get the tickets addressed in the swiftest manner.

Boost your employee’s morale
It’s no secret that your employees’ morale is directly correlated to their productivity. It is important to understand that the boosting morale comes many varied formats. For some, incentives might work while recognition can be the key to getting your other employees motivated. The bottom line being, happy employees are amazing, so keep them that way by proving them with the right incentives.

Apart from everything mentioned above it is important that you incorporate the best practices while training your support agents. Ensure that your agents understand the organization’s metrics and they understand the importance of fast and successful ticket closure.

Constantly encourage them to ask questions that are not incorporated in the script and provide feedback on things they like and dislike. Constantly asking the right questions will surely lead to profound discoveries.


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