Ticketing Software – Kapdesk


It’s an everyday challenge for organizations to deal with the onslaught of service requests that come through their way.

While troubleshooting and resolving issues to close tickets is the primary responsibility of your customer support team, more often than not, they end up spending precious time tracking and managing tickets that are coming their way. This kind of operational task takes their time away from what’s important and needs their attention right away.

The task of managing tickets consumes a lot of time and effort, and your executives end up using helpdesk systems to better manage the ticket lifecycle, which is from creation to closure.
The question that arises from this situation is, “How do you use automation in a way that simplifies the whole system?”

Let’s understand the various automation functions that you can use to simplify your day- to-day customer support processes.

Automatically converting your emails to tickets

When your customers send you requests regarding service over email, your helpdesk can automatically convert them into relevant tickets. These tickets can then be tracked and managed from your ticket window with ease.

For ease of accessibility, you can also configure a number of email addresses or specific folders to be redirected to your helpdesk inbox.

Moreover, you can also update your service requests via email to change a ticket’s status, attach files or reassign it to a new executive in the scenarios when the current executive is busy or the ticket needs an agent with more expertise.

Making ticket assignment dynamic

In order to simplify your helpdesk ticketing management, Kapdesk can enable you to dynamically assign tickets to a certain executive or a particular team based on the specifications of predefined ticket logic. This logic could include ticket categories, location, and departments, amongst other things.

Creating tickets for common & repetitive queries

It’s very common for organizations to fulfill certain tasks when new executives join the company. Tasks include providing a system, telephone, adding them to domain groups, granting network and internet access, etc.

These individual tasks are executed using a service request in the helpdesk system. These repetitive tasks are not only time-consuming, but also end up using much of your valuable resources. When you employ automation through your helpdesk system you leverage the power of predefined service requests and can propel your business in the right direction. Here’s what a helpdesk can do for you.

*     A powerful workflow system that includes approval processes and conditional orders.

*     The ability to create tickets in an instant, without comprising on ticket fields, enabling you to auto-populate the required fields.

*     With the ability of updating tickets in bulk, you can bulk update with just a few clicks.

The whole idea behind employing the power of a helpdesk is about simplifying ticket management using a centralized and an intuitive dashboard. A ticketing system that helps you view helpdesk tickets through meaningful charts and graphs makes it possible for your executives to do their job without being stuck in redundant tasks.


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