Align Your Support, Sales, And Marketing Teams On Time – Kapdesk


To provide a customer service that’s both good for your clients and can help you accomplish your business goals, you will need to put in some efforts from your side. Good work doesn’t happen by accident; it requires the appropriate framework to be in place. Also, to create a customer experience that’s exceptional and consistent, you need to have a plan in place.

Let’s go through some points that will allow you to align the different teams of your business and help you deliver a phenomenal customer experience.

Use profiles to identify your customers
One powerful tool that will help your teams band their data and operations together is customer profiles. It will encourage them to have a healthy discussion within themselves around the customers, and they will look for ways to target them in a much more organic manner.

Knowing what kind of customers you are dealing with will enable your sales, marketing and customer support teams to try a multitude of different approaches for advertising, and understand the different implications that each of them might have.

Why is this so important for your business?
When you have a better idea regarding who your customers are, then you are better equipped to solve their individual problems. But, this goes for a toss when the customer you’re in conversation with is unknown to your executive.

This makes it difficult to have a conversation that’s productive at any level. Therefore, it is important that your business have up-to-date profiles for each of your customers.

Help new team members understand your culture
When companies grow quickly, it’s easy for new employees to jump into their work, relying on their skills and knowledge from their prior workplaces to get things done. More often than not, this approach might does not mesh well with your company’s objectives or your particular customers.

Setting up boot camps and training modules will help new employees understand your company and the surrounding culture better. Also, it is important that the camp’s focus be around key persona’s and customer care.

This can be the time for your executives to know more about the customers, and the protocols that are in place to communicate with them. By truly understanding who you are serving and what their day-to-day activities are like, your teams can clearly communicate with your clients in a tone that is both empathetic and confident.

Incorporate cross-team training
It is quite common for internal alignments to drift over a certain period of time. This usually happens due to a team’s focus drifting towards their own personal areas and goals.

When you incorporate regular cross-team training, you expose different team members to other domains of the company. This ultimately ends up resulting in a much clearer understanding that propagates more effective external communication.

Also, have a policy that ensures that all sales executives are included in the process of on-boarding of new customers. This allows them to have an intimate knowledge of how important the customers are to the company.

It is important that you promote the idea of cross-team training to ensure everyone is on the same page. This helps your teams and employees deliver a customer service that’s vertically integrated, and ultimately provides your clients with an experience that they will cherish.



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