What You Should Know Before Integrating Social Media In Your Helpdesk – Kapdesk


A business’ social media support presence can have an impact on both its reputation as well as its bottom line. This emphasizes the need to be proactive with incoming customers and create a program on a social media platform that will provide consistent benefit to them.

It is common knowledge that social platforms are very powerful and effective when it comes to marketing and advertising. Popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are emerging as the dominant platforms that can provide consumers with swift and quality customer service.

Your customers are more comfortable reaching out to you from their preferred channel, and by using the device of their choice. A few decades ago, there were only traditional customer support mediums that were available to the customers, and hence there wasn’t any pressure to be present on multiple channels.

However, that is not the case anymore.

With the help of an efficient social media ticketing system, you can use social media channels to be where your clients are and help them figure out your products and services on a much more personal level.

Benefits of integrating social media in your helpdesk system

Social media ticketing can help your organization aggregate all your customers’ problems arising from social channels in one single place. Your executives can then easily look-up for older posts by other executives who might have dealt with similar problems. This enables the agent to identify any related issues and deal with the problems in a much more efficient manner.

The integration of social media to your ticketing system can help you tremendously improve the pace of your query resolution and decrease the unplanned downtime of your support systems.

Some challenges associated with integrating social channels

Although the benefits of a social media helpdesk are numerous, there are challenges to it as well. Some of these challenges associated with integrating social media ticketing into your helpdesk system include:

Tracking data
Tracking your entire customer data on social media channels is next to impossible, even without considering the monitoring of data and obtaining information from it. The sole reason for this is an excessive information dump and the inability to process all that information easily.

Due to this, it is often observed that a customer’s useful information tends to get lost amongst all the other noise.

Resolving issues
With so many channels to handle, resolving issues on social media is no slouch. Multiple channels always carry the risk of creating misinformation. Also, there is a chance that the ideas generated by one of your executives might be misused by other executive, which can further lead to scams or similar cases.

To avoid these kinds of problems, businesses need to develop the right policies and procedures to make it more absolute and secure for collecting and storing information and complete customer profiles. They should look for ways to capture useful information circulated through social media, and use that data to improve their internal services.

The bottom line is that social media has great potential to significantly lower the costs and increase productivity. More importantly, it can improve the end-user’s satisfaction and generate exponentially more ROI. With the right social media helpdesk tool, you could leave your helpdesk agents managing multiple social media profiles and keep pace with the queries from the traditional customer support channels at the same time.


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