Customer loyalty starts with a smooth support channel! – kapdesk


The customer support channel of your organization is like a funnel, in a metaphorical sense. The different departments within your organization – such as sales, marketing and accounting – work hard to ensure that the customer becomes a part of your business.

But, it is the journey through the post-sales funnel that decides if they will stick with your company. The smoother their journey, the longer they will want to stick with you for business.

A well-designed support will encourage brand loyalty
When your support funnel is designed as per your internal as well as external requirements, then your customers can be directed towards the right solution with minimum effort on your clients’ part.

Not only you will be saving time by directing users to the appropriate solution, but you’ll also be making things easier for your executives.

Incorporate self-service
Your customer will always look forward to using the self-service option when they encounter any difficulty. This might include looking for a tip or going through a help center article.

The reason behind this approach is quite simple. Clients generally don’t look forward to talking to an executive as soon as they face a problem with a product. They want to get done with the query and get back to their work.

So, set-up self-service so that your clients can get to the solution on their own with the least amount of effort. Your self-help should be designed in a way that allows them to reach the desired solution in the least amount of clicks.

Quick-resolution options
Although self-service is a must for a helpdesk software, some problems require a human touch. Support agents will come into the picture automatically when it comes to dealing with complex issues. Using a ticketing system, your agents can resolve complex queries in no time. Long story short, your support professionals are here to stay.

When customer is looking forward to getting in touch with your customer, make sure that you direct him to the shortest path of contacting them. Also, depending upon the channel, ensure that you recommend the right channel.

Provide interactions that give them insight
Aim for interactions that are high in value. What this implies is, that you should be aiming for conversations that allows your customers to get intimate with the product. This will directly increase their loyalty to your brand.

Usually when your client is reaching out to you, it’s because there is an issue that they are not able to figure out and its hampering their experience with your product. The ideal job of support is to ensure that the customer is back position where they are happy with the customer service.

So, how smooth is your customer support funnel? How much effort are your customers putting into your support? We hope none. If they are than it’s not a good thing. Using the above points, you can ensure that they journey with you is a smooth-sailing one. As this will benefit both the parties.


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