The “Hello” that never gets old – kapdesk


Your products’ usability and brand value are important factors that influence your clients’ decisions before they make a purchase. What is equally important, if not less, is your reach and the quality of your post-sales support. They are crucial elements, and play a pretty vital role in bringing you more clients.

After all, nobody wants to stay with someone who won’t stay with them after the transaction is completed.

If your customers have an assurance that their post-purchase journey will be as exciting and courteous as the pre-purchase, it can become the key definition of your brand and help you obtain and keep more customers.

Even today, with multiple channels available at your disposal, many of your clients prefer to get in touch with you using the phone. It’s the oldest form of customer support, and it refuses to die out, simply because it works.

In such a scenario, where your clients might be trying to get in touch with you for a multitude of reasons, it is important that you offer the best phone support possible.

Getting in touch shouldn’t be a hassle
Systems like ‘Interactive voice responses’ (IVRs) are preferred by many businesses around the globe. After all, they allow customers to navigate your system and directly get in touch with the support team that they want to talk to.

But, is this really a good option?

Well, the IVR has numerous benefits as well as flaws. If executed in the proper fashion, it can help your client reach out to the right agent, pretty much instantly. But, on the other hand, if the execution is poor, it will not only waste your clients’ time but will also most likely result in disgruntled customers.

Availability is a must
When a customer reaches out to you for a solution to a particular query, it should be looked upon as an opportunity to build a long-term viable relationship with them.

If you provide them with a memorable customer support experience, they will keep coming back to you. You should, as a business, never miss out on an opportunity to make your customers feel valued. This starts with having a round-the-clock phone support.

Now the question is, do you have one?

Don’t make your clients wait
Ideally, your clients shouldn’t look forward to talking to you about your product. However, in a more realistic tone, they come to you because they are facing an issue with a product or are not able to figure out some of its aspect.

So, when they do get in touch with you, they are cutting a small pie out of their daily schedule to get the query at hand resolved. Moreover, when they get in touch with you through the phone, they would prefer to not be left waiting on hold for too long, or have their call transferred to multiple different departments.

To circumvent this, always make sure to ask the customer if they can be put on hold, while you work behind-the-scenes to understand their issue and resolve it as soon as possible. If they’re left in the dark, there can be uncertainty in their mind about the quality of your customer service.


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