Introduce gamification to your internal customer support activities – kapdesk


Customer support gamification essentially is all about adopting a mindset and the concepts that follow – and it’s referred to as game thinking.

Using the mechanics of game thinking, your executives can solve complex problems and engage your customers effectively. Pleasing and keeping your customers engaged and loyal is a strenuous task, since they need to be motivated to continue being in touch with you.

You can overcome these challenges by giving incentives to your customers, such as a gift card or introducing a loyalty program.

However, this has been exhausted by every other business out there.

If you really want to increase interactions with your customer, then you will have to give them recognition. Your ticketing system can help you accomplish a part of this, but for the same to be a complete success, you will have to make sure that this mindset is inculcated in your company’s culture.

How gamification works in a workplace
The problem with many things done for customer retention today is that it does not really scale very well. Over a period of time, your customers will look forward to increase in rewards for similar activities.

This is not really a good move when it comes to keeping your customers motivated.

The idea of gamification is to keep things exciting and awesome. Businesses generally fail to keep the excitement alive for a prolonged period of time. The same stimulus, repeating itself over and over again drains the excitement.

What can be done in such scenarios?

Obviously, your customer care system will have to do something extraordinary. You can have the best ticketing system in place, but that’s not going to solve the engagement problem for you.

Although, it will help you identify certain trends. By using those trends, you can identify what is working and what type of rewards will increase engagement over time.

How does gamification impact customer care?

There is no denying whatsoever that customer care can become pretty nerve-wracking at times. There are times when even with your best foot forward, your agents are faced with frustrated customer emails and agitated callers.

Add to that heap, spoonful of repetitive tasks and monotonous replies. What you really get is a customer service that is nothing less than a disaster. The reason being, happy support executives are what lead to happy customers.

When your support team is overworked, you have disgruntled customers.

This is where Kapdesk can help you settle things down – it can enable you to turn every support ticket in a chance for your reps to earn bonus points. The more points your support executives win, the better bragging rights they get.


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