Looking deeper into your Twitter interactions can help you turn your shortcomings around – kapdesk


Providing support on social media can be both fun and a headache. Social media opens the door for your customer support system to interact with a large number of customers at any given time. But, amongst the many social media platforms that are available today, Twitter comes across as the most intriguing and interesting one.

Twitter facilitates instant interactions and these interactions can come from a wide variety of different users at any given time. Add to the fact that the information being shared must have a limited number of characters.

Due to all of the above factors, information flowing through Twitter is constant and at times is used as an intermediate channel, since conversations may also be directed to other channels for more clarity.

Track conversation around the brand
Once it is clear as to what role Twitter plays in providing customer service, you should focus on tracking your conversations. To gain a complete overview of your business, you should know what conversations are happening around your brand.

Is your audience able to relate to the messages that you are relaying? How are they responding to the new feature that you rolled out?

Using Twitter, you can track all possible keywords that are related to your business and your brand. These could include names of your key updates, features or any other name that your brand might be using.

Some of the following applications can help you accomplish the above with more insight and detail!

By using Monitter, you can track multiple keywords on a single page in a column view. Monitter provides you with the option of creating a new column for different keywords, or any keyword variation that you would like to track. Also, all updates that you receive on Monitter are in real-time.

The idea here is to ensure that you are not missing out on any mentions that your brand is getting at any moment. Tweetbeep makes sure that you’re catching everything that is coming your way – it will constantly check Twitter for any mentions and will keep sending you emails on a constant basis.

With all of the mentions of your brand present in your inbox, you can easily send or save tweets from your inbox. You can also write a response for a particular tweet, without even leaving Tweetbeep.

Twitter Analytics
Twitter Analytics is open for everyone. Irrespective of who you are – a business, brand, or an individual – you will get the full Twitter Analytics package for your tweets and your followers.

In order to access Twitter Analytics, you can visit analytics.twitter.com.

Once you have access to Twitter Analytics, the application will start to pull impressions and engagement data for your particular tweets. At first, it might seem like a bit barebones, but don’t give up on it. Give it time, and you’ll be adept at navigating around it in no time.

Although many ticketing systems come with in-built systems that help you keep a tab on social media ticketing, there are other tools available that might give you better insight.

Once you start to use the above given tools, you will have much better data regarding the conversations happening around your brand. Using the above data, you can turn your shortcomings around and provide an overall better customer experience.


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