Mobile support is paving the way for instant issue resolution – kapdesk


Mobile is ubiquitous in the world that we live in today. People use smartphones and keep their smartphones with them all the time. And, it is also being used for customer service now.

Many of your customers will turn to social media when they are faced with a particular problem regarding the product or service. And, when they fail to get an appropriate response, they will resort to using the same social media platform for venting out frustration.

Since, everything today is online and mobile, this can be used as an advantage by your customer support system. How? Let’s find out.

Employ the right channel
You should have a multitude of channels that you can use to provide customer service to your customers. This does not in any way imply that you should be present on every channel available out there. As a brand you should understand what channels your customers are interested in using and what channels will be the perfect medium to engage with them. For example, as a brand you may use Twitter account to establish an initial touch with your customer base, and then, using the channel you could direct them to a more appropriate platform.

Employ the right tools
The tools that you employ when going mobile are as important as the platform you are using. Perhaps more. Make sure that you have the right ticketing system in place that will allow you to deliver resolutions instantly. When you employ the right ticketing system, then your overall customer support system becomes more robust. Also, if your ticketing system has an in-built chat system that you can solve the queries of your customers in real-time, and update them about upcoming updates on various channels.

Deliver fast customer service
Customer service has been changed due to the mobile economy. With mobile came the notion of real-time interactions and solutions.

Your customers expect real-time notifications on their smartphones, regarding their queries.
This is why businesses should monitor the customer service channels. And, not just monitor, they should do this in a real-time environment.

When you allow messages to your brand to linger for more than a few minutes you could be impacting your online reputation. It is important that your business set-up mentions on the social media platforms that you are available on. This is a very critical activity for any business active in this digital age with fast moving information.

Don’t underestimate follow-up
Fact of the matter is that it’s always easy to sell to an existing customer than to search for a new one. The long-term success of any business depends on its ability to retain customers. A good follow-up practice with your customers after any kind of interaction is a good business practice that will help your business reap benefits later.

At the end of the day, the points mentioned above will help you deliver swift and crisp service to your customers. In case you are looking for a solution that will help you deliver the above services, then you should use Kapdesk. It integrates well with all of your existing social media platforms and is available on both the popular platforms, which is Android and iOS for mobile.


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