Build better Twitter and Facebook interactions for a better business – kapdesk


One of the best ways to use social media and customer service is to listen to your customers. Treat each piece of information as a gift, because that’s exactly what it is. You’re getting valuable insight straight from the people who matter the most – your customers.

Avoid Mistakes

You can avoid crises by monitoring your social media and customer service issues as they emerge. Handling these issues as they arise, in real-time, can prevent a potential crisis. In doing so, you can monitor and track ongoing customer concerns, and share that feedback with the teams in your organization.

Build Relationships

Take the opportunity to build relationships with your social consumers. Use these platforms and customer support to not just answer questions but to ask them as well. Be sure to respond to positive feedback (as well as negative) with politeness and try to resolve issues by sharing helpful information, whether it’s related to the product or the business.

For example, make a post that aims to answer the top 5 frequently asked questions. Try sharing fun, little-known facts about your company to help strengthen your social customers’ bond with your brand.

Get Feedback

If you’re feeling up to the challenge, ask your customers directly for their comments and questions about your current products.

But before you do, ensure that your social media strategy includes a plan for tracking those responses, so that your customer service team treats every customer support tweet or post as a priority, and each of your customers has a positive experience.

Boost Sales

Another upside to social media customer support is that it may provide new insights and opportunities for your product offerings. You may also use A/B testing to test out the responses for new features which you want to introduce into your products. You may even discover new uses for your existing products – which in turn, could boost sales.

Get Ahead of the Competition

Although you may not think of listening to what people are saying about your competitors. But, this might be a customer service opportunity, it definitely is.

Listening to the conversations around your competitors’ products is the perfect opportunity to fill a need that your competitors cannot fulfill. That type of competitive intelligence could also provide you with a competitive edge in the market, and help you bring in more customers from your competitors.

We focus so much of our time and energy on engaging and interacting with our social customers that we may forget that it’s also alright to listen.

When you take out the time to listen and respond thoughtfully, social consumers will come to rely on the customer service you provide through these channels. It will open the lines of communication and give you back so much more than you invest.

Are you using social media customer service to listen to your customers? How does your brand help consumers through its social networks? Do you think there are drawbacks to providing customer service through social channels?

Think about these questions, and answer them appropriately to match your business’ mission and vision. When your social media interactions are on point, you are not only getting and retaining more customers, but are also gaining valuable data to improve your existing products.


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