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In a business environment, your customer service executive is often expected to not only solve the query at hand, but also accomplish the task while following the guidelines of the company.

Failing on any of these fronts can lead to some serious damage to the reputation of your brand, and loss in revenue – which is most often exponential due to bad word-of-mouth – for your organization.

For this reason, your executives must prepare themselves before they start the process of understanding and solving an incoming customer’s problem.

Some fundamental pointers that need to be considered before solving a customers’ problem are:

     *     Have a similar point-of-view
Your customers will approach you with a myriad of different problems. Each of your customers has a different mindset and hence, it is of extreme importance that your executives match their wavelength with that of the customers.

Failing to do so can create scope for miscommunication, wherein the executive is all over the place looking for a solution, whilst the customer is kept waiting for a long time and is eventually given an irrelevant answer.

When the executive can understand the issue effectively and politely, solutions can be discovered much more quickly.

     *     Frame the problem into a structure
It is common for your customers to not clearly understand the problem. This behavior is completely normal, and if you use jargon that they are not familiar with, then this can lead to even more problems.

The job of your customer support executive is to restore faith in your business.

With the help of simple, predefined questions, your executives can easily recognize the nature of the issue, and thus provide a customer service experience that is up-to-the-mark.

The simpler the questions, the better the framework will be for discovering a long-lasting solution.

     *     Get to the root of the problem

Allow your executive to make full use of their analytical thinking ability and try to find a solution that will be in your customer’s best interest. However, to achieve that, they’ll first have to find where the problem lies.

Even in situations where you are dealing with a case that’s not in line with your company’s policy, there is always something that can be done about it.

You have to make sure that the ticketing system that you have in place is a competent tool, and the tickets being created are not lost in a slew of other tickets.

If the problem is not solved within a designated time frame, then contact the customer and let them know that you are working on the problem.

     *     Make sure that the fix is a good one

Make sure that you contact the customer once you have delivered a solution for the problem at hand. The benefits of doing this are plenty.

When you spend time on contacting your customers after support is delivered, you show that you are committed to create an awesome experience for your customers.

In case your team of executives is overworked, then make use of an automatic survey. This will tell you how satisfied the customer was and if the problem is solved once and for all.

Customer service is all about solving problems. If you do that, you will have customers who will stick with your brand for a long time to come.


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