When your customers can support other customers, you know you’ve done a good job – kapdesk


Customer support in any industry starts with patience. It is the key to customer support, and a great one at that too. After all, you cannot expect your customers to have thorough knowledge about your product.

If you have not imbibed this skill into the arsenal of your customer care executives, then you have a lot of work to do.

Not only is patience an important skill to have when dealing with a customer, someone whose purpose for reaching out is most often confusion and frustration regarding the product/service, but it’s also important to your business at large.

At the same time, you cannot use patience as an excuse for a service that’s slothful!

So, when you are dealing with customers on a daily basis, ensure that you are employing both patience and efficiency to solve a problem in a manner that helps them understand the root of the issue.

The better they understand the problem at hand, the higher the chances of them not facing the same problem again. Your customers can stay informed about your offerings the more competent your service process is!

Being attentive pays

The ability to really listen is crucial. Period. No super-powered, cosmic-ray-blessed and indestructible ticketing system is going to make up for that. Listening is very crucial to your customers for a wide variety of reasons.

It is imperative that you provide attention to individual customer interactions. At the same time, be mindful and attentive to the feedback that your customers will be giving in return.

The clearer your communication skills, the better!

The deal with customer service is that the whole system relies on the backbone of communication skills. So, try keeping the communication clear and precise. Getting to the root of the problem is important without taking much time.

More importantly, exercise caution when you find yourself questioning a particular situation that your customer is describing.

Also, when relaying important points, keep the message concise and up to the point.

Get a read on your customers

When you provide your customers with service, they won’t always be face-to-face interactions, and in many instances, it might be difficult to even get a read on your customer’s voice.

But, all of the above won’t exempt you from comprehending some basic principles related to behavioral psychology. In simple words, getting to know the customer’s current emotional state is extremely vital for delivering the right kind of support.

This is a very important aspect of customer service, as this will help you make your service and support more personal.

Looking and listening to subtle clues will help you have much better customer interactions and will ensure that you are not left in the dark due to not being able to decipher the current mood of the customer.

And then, you have an informed customer base who can not only solve problems themselves, but also interact with their peers to help them solve their issues before getting in touch with an agent. These interactive platforms can include different portals like community forums, knowledge base articles and even social media webpages.

A little nudge in the right direction, and your entire customer support system becomes self-sustainable.


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