Customer Feedback – Kapdesk


If you already have a successful business, then you’ve done pretty well for yourself.

But what is a successful business?

A business like this implies that your products and services are resonating well with your clients, and that they are happy with your customer support system. From here on out, you could probably go easy with your services.

But, the question is: Should you?

Your competition is not going to sit idle and neither should you. In order to succeed in your business, your brand should be willing to adapt to ever changing market scenario.

You can make that happen by harnessing the power that lies in the feedback of your customers.

About getting feedback of your customers

Before you move ahead with your aim of collecting feedback of your customers, it is important that you set very clear definitions regarding the feedback.

Skipping this step will lead to you blindly asking feedback from your customers. The problem with this approach is that it makes it difficult to understand what the results are stating.

Before moving ahead with the project, make sure that you understand which parts of the user experience you are looking forward to improve. Also, know what you’ll do with the data once you have it and know what channels will work best for you to achieve your goals.

Let’s take a look at the number of ways using which you can gather feedback:

Put emails and contact forms to good use

Your helpdesk must be using email ticketing system to manage the incoming onslaught of emails from customers and leads.

Email is a very powerful tool in its own right. If you want to be effective with your email, then ensure that you’re responding without any delay to your clients.

Whenever you encounter a new lead in your email list, ensure that you include a single question in your automated reply. Ask them to reply and ensure your agents respond to the question being asked. When you strike up conversations with your customers, you are bound to get a wealth of information from them.

Monitor social conversations

Social media can help you get a wealth of data regarding customer behavior. They could be potential customers, new customers, or repeat customers. The insight that it gives you regarding customer behavior can be used to make your existing products and services much better than they already are.

Make it a point to engage your customers on social media and listen to what they have to say and what features they look forward to.

Also, keep an open mind if you come across any complaints and make it a point to respond to them as well.

Use website analytics

This is a really smart and savvy way to track information from your customers without having to engage them directly. Keep a track of the website pages that your customers are visiting, and or how much time they are staying on individual pages. This will tell you about the parts of product or service that they like or about the problems which they are encountering.

Make it a point to utilize every bit of customer information that you receive to good use.  Using customer feedback, you can refine your existing products and services. Constantly monitoring your feedback will help you manage customer expectations and help you deliver enviable products and services.


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