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As a business, launching a successful product involves being ready for the impact that it will have on your existing customer base, as well as your company.

Although, the product and the new features that will come along can be exciting for both your new and prospective customers, they also come with their own challenges, as they bring along change for your existing customers.

When your brand is preparing for the launch of a product, use your ticketing system in place to know what the general sentiment is regarding your existing product. This will help you understand what features you should be embedding in your new product. But, this is all that should be done during the development of the product. To access the impact, ask the following questions:

What impact will the new features have on existing customers?

The new features that you are introducing might end up affecting your existing features or might require your customer to change the process. Evaluate each feature that you are putting on the product and assess the impact it will have on your client base.

How will you deliver the new features after the product release?

The method of product delivery will depend upon the product that you are currently offering. If you have a product that is delivered as software-as-a service (SaaS), then your customers will automatically have access to the new features. If you have a hardware offering, then you will have to facilitate the upgrade process.

What do you do if the customer is not willing to upgrade?

If you are faced with a situation in which your customer is not willing to move to the new feature rich product, then you will have to evaluate the impact it might have on your company. The reason being simple, the maintenance of your product that is being phased out or is not a priority for the company is an expensive affair.

At the same time, it is important that you understand the consequences of making an update mandatory. Doing this always carries the risk of damaging your ongoing customer relationship.

In such a scenario, the best thing to do is to create a hype regarding the upcoming upgrade. Doing this beforehand gives your clients a sense of the things coming their way. Train your support team to answer any questions regarding the new update and send mailers telling them how they will be benefiting with the new upgrade.

Your customers should receive notification regarding the upgrade well in advance of the release. This gives everyone time to prepare.

Have a limited period offer regarding the upgrade where the early adopters get the upgrade on discounted price.

Instruct your customer support team to talk about the upgrade and impart information about the upcoming upgrade well in advance.

Have manuals to instruct your clients regarding the product’s ability and tell them of the gains that the new product brings onto the table. This will ensure that your client base is as enthusiastic about the product as you are.


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