5 Things To Keep In Mind While Training Your Support Representatives – Kapdesk


Whether you run a large-scale business or a startup firm, and no matter how established or how popular your products are, if you don’t have a strong customer support department set up in place, you can end up at the bottom of the industry ladder. The right customer support agents will increase customer satisfaction, enhance customer loyalty and bring added value to your company, helping you grow your business and improve its reputation. Here are some points to keep in mind while training your support representatives.

1. Improve your hiring process
Being an established organization means that a lot of people want to work for your firm. For your human resource department, this is both a curse and a blessing. For them, hiring is not the problem. The problem lies in filtering the valuable candidates from those that are not fit for your company. Ensure that your HR department is hiring individuals that are self-motivated, good learners, and who will uphold the values and ideologies of your business.

2. Provide a good knowledge base
Having a good knowledge base that contains all the information regarding your business and its various different processes. It should also contain an FAQ bank that provides all the possible answers related to your business process and get a clear idea of what your product can and cannot do. This way your customer support agents can continue learning even after the training is over.

3. Test product knowledge
The best way to know how well your new employees will perform is by carrying out tests related to your business’s product or service. The reason for this simply is to ensure that your new customer service representatives have the right knowledge and will not mislead or misinform your customers, which could be bad for your business. The more your new employees can answer questions related to your customer support process, the more prepared they will be to provide service to your customers.

4. Conduct trials and give demos
The training period is all about making your trainees go through the daily processes that are involved within your organization. That is why most trainees provide demos in the training session. This could be enacting out a real life scenario, playing previously recorded conversations or asking questions related to the process. In this way the trainee will get an idea of what the customer support process would be like.

5. Live floor experience
The whole point of training is to make sure that the new employees are fully capable and equipped to take on real queries. So what could be better than putting them in a real life scenario? Sure they won’t be ready enough to handle all the technical queries, which is why having an experienced employee sit and monitor each trainee, will ensure that the call goes smoothly. In this way, the new employees will get a hang of the live floor and will feel more confident once their training is over.


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