What You Need To Know About Customer Service – Kapdesk


It may seem like a fairly simple question. You may think the answer to this question is providing assistance to your customers when they have queries. However, the process of assisting customers with their queries is summarizing an entire process into one sentence. Customer service is incorporated in every stage of doing business, which includes pre-sales, during a sale and after sales. It is a diverse field that involves delivering professional, high quality service before, during and after your customer’s requirements has been met. Lets take a look at some important things you need to know about customer service.

It’s essential for all businesses

Whether you run a small startup firm or have a large business, you have to deal with customers, because without customers you don’t have a business. No matter how perfect your product or service is, your customers will eventually have some query or difficulty that they want to resolve. This is where customer service plays an important role.

Your interactions are your service

Whether you are speaking to an already existing customer, or somebody who is enquiring about your products or service, your customer support starts from the moment an individual considers doing business with you. In today’s technologically advanced business world, where there are multiple channels of communication, the quality of interaction also matters a lot, be it over the phone, through live chat or responding to client emails.

Knowledge is power

Nothing is more embarrassing than finding yourself stuck in a situation where you are asked something related to your business and you don’t know the answer. This will only increase the doubts your customer has about your business. Never make up answers if you don’t know something. Know your business and study the industry it belongs to.

Feedback is good

It is difficult to please everybody. This means even though your company does its best to provide exceptional service, you will have unhappy customers. Don’t let criticism pull you down. Receive criticism with open arms, as it will only make you want to further improve your business processes. Positive feedback is always encouraging and keeps you motivated to perform better and better.

Positive vibes count

Whether your customer service is face-to-face, over the telephone, via online live chat or when responding to client email, your customers can tell when an agent is proactive and energetic or is simply ‘doing the job’. Train your workforce to always stay positive. Sure it can be difficult to do so on bad days, but it’s the effort that counts. Keep your customer service agents happy and it will automatically reflect in their work.

Let your customers help themselves

Some customers are impatient and cannot wait for a response from one of your agents. Does that mean you let that customer go with a query unanswered? No, it means you provide enough resources on the web so that they can go and find the answers themselves if and when your customer service agents are not available. This could be in the form of FAQ’s or a forum on your site that host discussions.

Leave a positive impression

Again, training plays an important role in having a team of customer service agents that provide such exceptional service that your customers cannot help but remember the delightful experience. This helps build long-lasting relations with your customers, who are more than likely to refer this service to their family and friends. This will help your business grow to new heights.

All businesses want to succeed, which means they want to generate profit, expand their business and spread their reach worldwide. Besides having an incomparable product or service, which is the USP of your business, having an awesome customer service team will ensure that all your customers stay loyal to your business. Integrate advanced customer support software into your business and boost productivity.


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