What Your Customers Expect From Your Customer Support? – Kapdesk


Competition is fierce in the modern business world. All firms, whether large scale or small startups, are constantly striving to provide exceptional products or services in order to gain a good reputation and market share. This has left the ordinary customer spoilt for choice. With so many options to choose from; all of them providing one or more unique selling points, (USP’s) it makes deciding which one to finally settle for a difficult choice. This has only led to a rise in the expectations of customers, forcing startup firms to catch up fast or stay behind and loose its potential customer base.
So what exactly is a successful customer support strategy, and what do your customers expect from your customer support? Lets take a look.

They look for a listening ear
The first and most important thing about customer service is understanding your customers’ needs. There are several reasons why you customer may require support, for example they may be facing difficulty operating your product, or may want to give feedback. Whatever the reason is, your customer support executives should be attentive listeners. It would ruin the reputation of your business and probably lead to loss of business, if your customers are not getting the support they are seeking.

They want to be spoken to politely
There isn’t any need to emphasize on the importance of this basic etiquette. If you have customer support representatives that are rude and unhelpful, you might as well wave them goodbye. This is where training is crucial. No matter how angry a customer may be, it is the duty of your support representatives to make sure that they are calm and composed while tackling difficult customers. Nobody wants impolite treatment, especially from people they don’t know.

They want you to know them
It is always good to have a personal connect with someone. It builds trust and assures reliability. This is why it is essential to keep a track of a customer’s history with your business in your records. In this way your customer support agents will be able to deliver a more personalized service. Find out what it is that your customers’ will call support for. This will help you deliver quicker and more effective solutions.

They want a variety of options
No two customers are the same. Some may prefer calling the helpline number and waiting for a customer service executive to discuss their query over the phone, whereas the more impatient customers may want to visit your FAQ’s page and help themselves. You need to ensure that you provide you customers as many options for support as possible. This can include phone, email responses for customer queries, live chat, FAQ’s and forums for discussions.

They want constant communication
From the time you customer calls your support department, you should keep them up-to-speed about what the status of their query currently is. This is especially true for emergency situations. Your customer is not concerned with what is happening at the business end, as long as their query is solved. Even if you have not found a solution after a day or two, by sending them a text, email or by calling and letting them know that you are working on their query will give them the assurance that they have not been forgotten.

They want experts to provide the service
You can tell the difference between a trainee and an experienced employee, even over the phone. And while it is important for trainees to gain the on-job-training, not all customers are patient enough to give them that chance. Once they know they are speaking to a trainee, they will immediately ask for a supervisor. Therefore is it crucial to segregate the calls by priority, letting the experts handle high-priority calls, while the low priority queries can be handled by the trainees.

These are just a few out of the many possible expectations that customers have. You must stay prepared for the unexpected. Keep the above points in mind, and you will have a customer support platform that can take care of all queries without causing frustration and delays, leaving only happy, satisfied who are sure to come back for more if and when needed.


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