5 Customer Services Practices That Help You Retain Your Customers – Kapdesk


Customer service is a vast field that plays a major role in maintaining the business’s reputation. As the name suggests, it deals with all forms of x, whether they come through the phone, via email, through live chat, and from any of the social media platform you have associated your business with. Not only does it involve resolving queries, it requires the support agents to maintain relations with the existing customers, making sure that their experience with your business is professional, healthy and successful.
So what does it take for your customer service team to provide exceptional services and retain customers? Lets find out.

Know your customers
Just like sales people need to build rapport with their prospects in order to get closer to converting that lead into a sale, your customer service agents must get to know the customers in order to provide better, more personalized service. This doesn’t mean remember the name and life story of every customer that calls. With the help of modern customer support software, every time a customer calls, a smart ticketing system creates a ticket in their name, which is stored in the database for future use. This way you can tell what the customer has called for in the past, what was discussed, etc.

Stay in contact with your customers
Every interaction you have with your customers opens the opportunity to build a better relationship. Keeping regular contact does not mean calling them every morning and telling them to have a nice day. It simply means keeping them up-to-date about all that is happening in your business. You can do this by keeping your website updated through blog posts, newsletters, press releases, etc. You can track customer sentiment towards your business and rectify problem areas through your communication methods. This could be in the form of surveys, or by handing out customer feedback forms. A customer support software enables you to set up automatic responses to tickets, for new customer queries for when you get new customer queries or feedback.

Embrace criticism and complaints
No matter how much you strive to perfect your customer service process, you will get criticism. And customer complaints are unavoidable. There will be customers who aren’t satisfied with your services, or may be having a bad day. Regardless of the reason, pay close attention to why you are getting the negative feedback. This will help you identify the gaps that are present in your customer support process and help you fix them, which will only lead to improvement.

Think outside the box
Your customers do not understand the internal business processes. The only way they are associated with your business is through consumption of your product or service. So when your customer calls with a query, do not throw internal business jargon at them expecting to understand everything you say. Put yourself in their shoes and speak to them the way you would understand your company’s process in layman terms. This can only be achieved if your company’s knowledge base is strong and informative.

Improve pull marketing
This is another term for inbound marketing and is a strategy, which when implemented successfully increases the number of customers that approach your company to do business. This can be achieved via blog posts, videos, social media posts and on-line discussions. The trick here is to provide high quality content that is engaging and convinces the reader that your product or service is the way to go. This helps your business build stronger customer relationships.

Success doesn’t come easy. It comes to those who work hard, do things differently and are not afraid to take risks. However, customers’ like traditional business methods that involve fewer complications and a supportive service process, if and when needed. So make your customer support process strong and maintain healthy relations with your customers much longer.


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