5 Things That May Be Affecting Your Customer Service – Kapdesk


Have you noticed a steady decline in the number of customers associating with your business? Have you noticed too many complaints coming in from your customer service department? Now that’s definitely is not a good sign. There are probably some loopholes in your customer service process that are causing this negative outcome. It is best to get rid of these causes as soon as possible if you want to keep your business running. It is important to understand the negative consequence of poor customer service and what steps to take in order to avoid its repercussions. Lets take a further look.

Lack of trained staff
There could be nothing worse than having unprofessional or untrained staff handling customer queries that they simply cannot. Having untrained staff will lead to more calls being transferred, increased response times and a growing number of frustrated customers. Now if you put yourself in your customers shoes, just imagine how annoying it will get to be transferred from one department to another, having to explain your query multiple times before getting a solution.

Lack of means
What makes it difficult for employees to provide a great customer experience is the lack of internal competence, unavailability of automation tools and limited technological resources. Keeping track of customer information manually can become a tedious task. Lack of technological support can reduce the potential of your company’s efficiency. Setting up a customer service software enables you to keep track of a customer’s history with your business, making it easier to handle their queries the next time they call, and also provides the necessary tools to make internal processes more effective.

Lack of common courtesy
Although this is not a problem in large-scale firms, many startups that set up a customer service process face this issue. The support agents are trained to resolve the queries but aren’t taught basic manners and etiquette. Not saying, “thank you” “may I…” “If its okay with you” tend to create a negative impression in the customers head. They may not point this out straight away, but they will avoid contacting your customer support in future. Hence, while conducting training’s, ensure that you show your agents how you want them to speak to your customers.

Long waits for resolutions
If your customer support agents are not familiar with the support process, they will take longer to provide suitable solutions. This could be due to your business not having an informative knowledge base. This is something that must be avoided because no customer will proactively wait on the line for the agent to provide a solution. They will probably get frustrated and disconnect. One way to tackle this on email and social media is to set up automated responses for customers. The faster a query is resolved, the better your reputation in the customer service sector will be.

Limited contact for support
If you limit the number of channels that your customers can reach you through, you will limit your business’s potential to grow. In today’s competitive business world, having multiple channels of communication is a must. Besides the conventional channels such as telephone and email, you need to be present on all social media platforms and have a live chat portal on your website. Make customers feel comfortable about having the convenience to reach out to you from whichever channel they find best.


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